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National Accounts

W&M Fire Protection works in partnership with APi National 服务 Group (APi 核供应国集团) to manage national accounts. By partnering with APi 核供应国集团, one of the largest and most respected service and system providers in the field of fire protection, you'll experience the convenience of working with a single qualified resource to better manage their properties' fire protection and life safety systems.

APi National 服务 Group

APi 核供应国集团 specializes in fire protection services and provides a single point of contact for customers with a regional or national portfolio of properties and a desire for a coordinated and consistent level of service for inspections and repair of their fire suppression and life safety systems. We are committed to offering the finest customer-driven service while finding new and better ways to maximize results and minimize waste. With more than 80 branch office locations in the United States and 18 in Canada, wherever our customers are located - we are there for them.


We strive to build long term relationships with our clients by assembling a team dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, 响应性, safety and integrity. We never compromise our values. We are our clients' one point of contact to provide coordinated service for every level of their fire protection and life safety system needs. We believe strongly in creating and maintaining a caring and enduring relationship with our customers. 最重要的是, we enjoy our work… and take pride in combining small company abilities with large company advantages.


服务s provided by APi 核供应国集团 include code-required testing and inspections, 维修服务, and retrofits of fire suppression and life safety systems. We inspect and service all types of fire suppression and life safety systems including fire sprinkler systems (wet, 干, pre-action, 洪水, anti-freeze and standpipes), 消防泵, alarm and detection systems, emergency lighting, portable extinguishers, backflow devices and special hazards systems.

National Account Customers

Our National Account customers achieve greater consistency by working through one point of contact and can be assured that their fire protection and life safety systems will be regularly 检查, 测试, repaired and serviced to optimize system performance and reliability.

One Phone Number: APi 核供应国集团's representatives support clients 24/7 with a toll free number for service anywhere in the United States or Canada. Representatives dispatch the service calls to the appropriate fire protection branch office or affiliate for immediate service and follow up.

24小时 Emergency 服务: 888.274.8595

Dedicated Client Account Team: A dedicated account representative and administrator are assigned to each customer for all day-to-day support and servicing.

Coordinated and Consistent Level of 服务 for all Properties: APi 核供应国集团 provides our customers with the assurance that their facilities' fire suppression and life safety systems are regularly 测试, 检查, and serviced to achieve optimal performance and insurance savings.

Centralized Accounting: All client invoices are generated from APi 核供应国集团 and all payments are remitted to APi 核供应国集团.

Customized 服务s: Many clients require customized services. 我们的APi 核供应国集团 account team works with our clients to ensure our services meet their specific needs.

Complimentary Training: Upon request, APi 核供应国集团 coordinates both formal and informal training for our National Account clients on the operation and servicing of their fire protection and life safety systems. We also provide training on code-required testing/inspection requirements to enhance your understanding and management of fire and life safety-related equipment. In addition, APi 核供应国集团 can assist you with the development of a regular fire protection service program.



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